VFR Communications and Airspace Training (CAT) Program


Welcome to the VFR CAT program. This is a series of 11 scenarios that can be flown on PilotEdge to practice common VFR procedures, better understand the types of airspace associated with VFR flight and also to practice the ATC interactions associated with all types of VFR flying. If you’d like to take part then review the Taking the Tests page and then get started.

The CAT Flights

  • CAT-09: Class B Flyways
    Fly from a Class C airport to a Class D airport, utilizing Flyways under the Los Angeles Class B Airspace (KBUR-KFUL)
  • CAT-10: Class B Published Transitions
    Use published Bravo transitions to fly from Torrance Airport (KTOA) to Van Nuys Airport (KVNY) and then a second flight from Van Nuys Airport (KVNY) to Santa Ana-John Wayne Airport (KSNA) utilizing multiple transitions through the Los Angeles Class Bravo Airspace.