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Recently Granted Pilot Ratings

Name Rating When
Gary C. I-1 58m ago
Anonymous 21261 CAT-11 3h ago
Anthony J. I-5 16h ago

News (view all)

Bozeman added to Western US operating area
Thursday, October 10, 2019

Fully integrated ATIS released
Saturday, February 9, 2019

Sky High Charters: "Border Line" released
Friday, November 30, 2018

Sky High Charters: "Surf's Up" released
Sunday, September 30, 2018

16 Current Pilots (view on map)

Ident Pilot From
Type To
N608CD Daniel L. KKNB Kanab Mun
T210 KLGB Long Beach
SKW1989 Scott L. No flight plan filed.
N777WD Jim W. No flight plan filed.
N2086E Dan M. KSBA Santa Barbara Mun
C172 KOXR Oxnard
N41370 Anonymous 35180 No flight plan filed.
N751LU Ewen S. KELY Ely
E55P KLAS Harry Reid Intl
N912JR Samuel R. No flight plan filed.
N44734 Hilton Head Flyers No flight plan filed.
N328JW Thomas B. KLAX Los Angeles Intl
S22T KSNA John Wayne-Orange Co
DPJ24 Zach S. KVNY Van Nuys
C68A KSAN San Diego Intl-Lindbergh
N77XC Brad N. No flight plan filed.
N754DW David W. KPDX Portland Intl
BE36 KEUG Mahlon Sweet
N75746 Jon S. No flight plan filed.
N389H Honeywell Aerospace No flight plan filed.
N2330C Walt M. No flight plan filed.
N5520S Ion I. No flight plan filed.
For detailed flight history and more, visit PEaware.

Last 5 Flights

Ident Pilot From When
Type To
SKW1989 Scott L. KLAX Los Angeles Intl 32s ago
SF34 KSAN San Diego Intl-Lindbergh
N41370 Anonymous 35180 KBFL Meadows 32s ago
P28R KMHV Mojave
N777WD Jim W. KDVT Phoenix Deer Valley 7m ago
BE33 KINW Winslow-Lindbergh Regl
N805RJ Rickie J. S97 Anderson 9m ago
C177 W52 Goheen
N608CD Daniel L. KKNB Kanab Mun 19m ago
T210 KLGB Long Beach

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Suggested KSEE Pattern Times:
12PM & 7PM Pacific (1900Z & 0200Z)
Suggested KWHP Pattern Times:
12PM & 7PM Pacific (1900Z & 0200Z)