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Recently Granted Pilot Ratings

Name Rating When
Nate K. I-6 18m ago
Anonymous 37712 I-6 46m ago
Dustin H. CAT-3 1h ago

News (view all)

Bozeman added to Western US operating area
Thursday, October 10, 2019

Fully integrated ATIS released
Saturday, February 9, 2019

Sky High Charters: "Border Line" released
Friday, November 30, 2018

Sky High Charters: "Surf's Up" released
Sunday, September 30, 2018

18 Current Pilots (view on map)

Ident Pilot From
Type To
N610GH Judd L. No flight plan filed.
N401TS Ian S. KSNA John Wayne-Orange Co
P28A KAVX Catalina
N3845D Sean B. No flight plan filed.
WAT380 Spencer M. KRNO Reno/Tahoe Intl
A319 KPSP Palm Springs Intl
N4277U Jeremy R. No flight plan filed.
N148BD Tyler S. No flight plan filed.
N6B William M. KSBP San Luis Co Regl
G58 KBUR Bob Hope-Burbank
N222AW Anonymous 36936 No flight plan filed.
N474CG Matthew B. KTRM Desert Resorts Regl
SF50 KKNB Kanab Mun
N616SB Thomas L. KBUR Bob Hope-Burbank
B736 KLAS Harry Reid Intl
N714VA Chris P. KSMO Santa Monica Mun
C172 KSNA John Wayne-Orange Co
N2873X Neil S. KDUG Bisbee Douglas Intl
C25C KDVT Phoenix Deer Valley
SWA203 Ben F. KRNO Reno/Tahoe Intl
B737 KLAX Los Angeles Intl
N967SA Maxine G. KHLN Helena Regl
DHC3 KGPI Glacier Park Intl
N430DM Dane A. KBOI Boise Air Terminal/Gowen
BE58 KCLM Fairchild Intl
BYF32 Triton A. KHAF Half Moon Bay
C172 KTCY Tracy Mun
N172SP Michael S. No flight plan filed.
N46346 Ludvig R. No flight plan filed.
For detailed flight history and more, visit PEaware.

Last 5 Flights

Ident Pilot From When
Type To
WAT562 Eric S. KOTH North Bend Mun 8m ago
SR22 KCEC McNamara
N148BD Tyler S. KAPA Centennial 10m ago
S22T KBDU Boulder Mun
N500FG Jim H. KSNA John Wayne-Orange Co 15m ago
P46T KBUR Bob Hope-Burbank
N32196 Gary H. KMFR Rogue Valley Intl-Medford 17m ago
P28R KCEC McNamara
N747PK Nate K. KLAX Los Angeles Intl 18m ago
P28A KSNA John Wayne-Orange Co

Upcoming Focus Fields

Suggested KEMT Pattern Times:
11AM & 5PM Pacific (1900Z & 0100Z)
Suggested KRNM Pattern Times:
12PM & 6PM Pacific (2000Z & 0200Z)
Suggested KONT Pattern Times:
1PM & 7PM Pacific (2100Z & 0300Z)