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Recently Granted Pilot Ratings

Name Rating When
Jerome A. CAT-5 43m ago
Matt G. I-10 48m ago
Bob D. CAT-5 1h ago

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Western US adds 3 new airports
Friday, July 7, 2017

13 Current Pilots (view on map)

Ident Pilot From
Type To
VIR435 Kyle K. KSAN San Diego Intl-Lindbergh
A330 EGLL Heathrow
N210EU Ryan C. KFAT Fresno Yosemite Intl
T210 KRDD Redding Mun
N232WP Walter P. KCMA Camarillo
P28U KDLO Delano Mun
N733WT Jeremy K. KSBA Santa Barbara Mun
C172 KBUR Bob Hope-Burbank
SWA2945 John M. KPHX Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl
B738 KAUS Austin Bergstrom Intl
N107MR Michael R. CYVR Vancouver Intl
EA50 KSEA Seattle-Tacoma Intl
N6357C James S. KLAX Los Angeles Intl
C172 KSAN San Diego Intl-Lindbergh
N51964 Steven R. KASE Aspen-Pitkin Co/Sardy
C206 KDEN Denver Intl
N726BZ Mike E. KPRB Paso Robles Mun
P28A L52 Oceano Co
N454FT Isabelle M. No flight plan filed.
N637BL Dave P. KRNO Reno/Tahoe Intl
B736 KMRY Monterey Peninsula
AAL2063 Jessica F. KPHX Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl
A320 KDEN Denver Intl
N811TW Brian L. KBUR Bob Hope-Burbank
C172 KBUR Bob Hope-Burbank
For detailed flight history and more, visit PEaware.

Last 5 Flights

Ident Pilot From When
Type To
N203WA Scott R. KPDX Portland Intl 7m ago
BE58 KBFI Boeing Field/King Co Intl
DCM919 Aaron J. KEUG Mahlon Sweet 22m ago
EA50 KSEA Seattle-Tacoma Intl
N232WP Walter P. KCMA Camarillo 31m ago
P28U KDLO Delano Mun
N107MR Michael R. CYVR Vancouver Intl 39m ago
EA50 KSEA Seattle-Tacoma Intl
DAE1526 Alex K. KSFO San Francisco Intl 44m ago
B752 KPDX Portland Intl

Upcoming Focus Fields

Suggested KPSP Pattern Times:
12PM & 7PM Pacific (2000Z & 0300Z)
Suggested KSMO Pattern Times:
11AM & 5PM Pacific (1900Z & 0100Z)
Suggested KSMX Pattern Times:
12PM & 6PM Pacific (2000Z & 0200Z)