Focus Fields Program Overview

The Focus Fields program is a tradition that started during the beta phase of the PilotEdge launch. Each day, two airport pairs are the “focus fields” for the day.

While you’re always welcome to fly anywhere in our service area, if you visit one (or more!) of the Focus Fields on a given day, you’ll increase your chances of running across other pilots doing the same thing. Over time, you’ll get a nice tour of our airspace, too.

The Focus Fields for the current week are announced at the bottom of the PilotEdge homepage. Each day you’ll find a pair of airports for pattern work and to practice flying between two towered fields (and Class B or C airspace too on occasion).

Both IFR and VFR flights are supported (assuming weather and local NOTAMs don’t prohibit VFR flight). If you want to do some interesting flying and experience more traffic, yet you’re unsure of where to go, this lets us give you some suggestions.

To see what this week’s Focus Fields are, check the homepage!