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Recently Granted Pilot Ratings

Name Rating When
Jake McCaig CAT-4 11h ago
Matt Gollob CAT-1 11h ago
Jake McCaig CAT-3 11h ago

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Western US receives first upgrade
Tuesday, May 16, 2017

PilotEdge releases Real World VFR program
Wednesday, November 25, 2015

14 Current Pilots (view on map)

Ident Pilot From
Type To
MOHAMMED Mohammed A. No flight plan filed.
DAL4747 Alfonso U. KLAS McCarran Intl
A330 KLAX Los Angeles Intl
N33AJ Arthur J. KTOA Zamperini
C172 KTOA Zamperini
DAL328 Adam P. KLAX Los Angeles Intl
B752 KPHX Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl
N6182G Bruno O. O60 Cloverdale Mun
C182 KSQL San Carlos
N157JT Gideon C. KASE Aspen-Pitkin Co/Sardy
B60T KLAS McCarran Intl
N7845U Ron S. KBFL Meadows
EA50 KBFL Meadows
N828PT Philippe T. KHHR Northrop/Hawthorne Mun
SR22 KSBA Santa Barbara Mun
NDU30 Alex K. KSBA Santa Barbara Mun
C172 KSBA Santa Barbara Mun
N210EB Mattew D. No flight plan filed.
AWE23 Edson R. KSFO San Francisco Intl
A320 KLAS McCarran Intl
N104RE Ron E. No flight plan filed.
ACL802 Chris A. KSJC Mineta San Jose Intl
DH8D KSAN San Diego Intl-Lindbergh
SWA750 Christian K. No flight plan filed.
For detailed flight history and more, visit PEaware.

Last 5 Flights

Ident Pilot From When
Type To
DAL1483 Kevin M. KSLC Salt Lake City Intl 15m ago
B738 KLAS McCarran Intl
JBU107 Rohan O. KLAS McCarran Intl 28m ago
B733 KSNA John Wayne-Orange Co
N757AF Drew L. KEGE Eagle Co Regl 10h ago
B752 KABQ Albuquerque Intl Sunport
VRD802 Jerome G. KSAN San Diego Intl-Lindbergh 10h ago
A320 KSFO San Francisco Intl
N41598 Ireneusz M. KRNM Ramona 11h ago
P28R KCRQ McClellan-Palomar

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12PM & 6PM Pacific (1900Z & 0100Z)
Suggested KWHP Pattern Times:
1PM & 7PM Pacific (2000Z & 0200Z)
Suggested KBFL Pattern Times:
2PM & 8PM Pacific (2100Z & 0300Z)