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Work with live air traffic controllers 15 hours a day and engage your "flying brain" from home. See other aircraft, and hear other pilots on the radio. Put on your headset, dial up ground, and call for taxi. It's that easy.

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Recently Granted Pilot Ratings

Name Rating When
Steven Manschot CAT-3 1h ago
Bruno Oliveira CAT-9 4h ago
Kade Bellaney CAT-2 16h ago

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PilotEdge releases Real World VFR program
Wednesday, November 25, 2015

9 Current Pilots (view on map)

Ident Pilot From
Type To
N500GA Anonymous 328 KCOS City Of Colorado Springs Mun
G500 KDEN Denver Intl
AAL821 Jeff G. KBOS Logan Intl
B752 KMIA Miami Intl
N576TB Ron L. 49X Chemehuevi Valley
BE33 NV11 Yucca Airstrip
N8029B Joaquin J. KHHR Northrop/Hawthorne Mun
C210 KSMO Santa Monica Mun
N208GF Erik B. KSNA John Wayne-Orange Co
C208 L35 Big Bear City
N46889 Zachary D. KMYF Montgomery
M20T KSNA John Wayne-Orange Co
N2RA Peter H. KMYF Montgomery
B200 KSNA John Wayne-Orange Co
DAL4568 Goran S. KATL Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta
CRJ2 KEVV Evansville Regl
N313N Damien O. No flight plan filed.
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Last 5 Flights

Ident Pilot From When
Type To
N46889 Zachary de h. KMYF Montgomery 25m ago
M20T KSNA John Wayne-Orange Co
DAL4568 Goran S. KEVV Evansville Regl 28m ago
CRJ2 KATL Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta
ACH1307 Anders S. KSNA John Wayne-Orange Co 45m ago
LJ45 KLAX Los Angeles Intl
N24W Mark R. KLAX Los Angeles Intl 49m ago
C550 KSNA John Wayne-Orange Co
N97228 Norberto R. KBUR Bob Hope-Burbank 51m ago
C172 KFUL Fullerton Mun

Upcoming Focus Fields

Suggested KNYL Pattern Times:
3PM & 9PM Pacific (2300Z & 0500Z)
Suggested KMYF Pattern Times:
12PM & 7PM Pacific (2000Z & 0300Z)
Suggested KLGB Pattern Times:
12PM & 7PM Pacific (2000Z & 0300Z)