Operating Hours and Service Area

ATC Hours

PilotEdge ATC service is provided 8am – 11pm Pacific, 7 days a week.

NOTE: ATC will not be provided on Dec 25 and Jan 1. ATC will be provided until 5pm PST on Dec 31.

The PilotEdge network and radio system are available 24/7. The 350+ drone aircraft in Class E/G airspace also operate 24/7.

ATC Coverage Area

PilotEdge offers ATC within the Seattle, Oakland, Los Angeles, Denver, Salt Lake City and Albuquerque ARTCCs, covering approximately 50% of the contiguous United States.

Base Coverage Area

This area is available to all PilotEdge users, providing ATC service within the lateral limits of the Los Angeles ARTCC (ZLA). This covers half of California, much of Nevada, and portions of Arizona & Utah. It includes 3 class Bravo airports (LAX, SAN, LAS), 6 class Charlie airports, and 30 class Delta airports. It also includes KLSV, KINS and KTNX to support military operations.

The CAT program and I-ratings are entirely contained within this coverage area.

With 42 towered and hundreds of non-towered options, there’s plenty to explore!

Full VFR and IFR support is offered for non-towered airports within the Base Coverage Area, allowing pilots to obtain IFR clearances and releases while on the ground as well as clearances for instrument approaches with separation from other IFR aircraft.

Western US Expansion

This optional add-on covers the Seattle, Oakland, Salt Lake City, Denver and Albuquerque ARTCC’s and will be available starting December 27, 2016.

Primary Airports (always staffed): KASE, KDEN, KPDX, KPHX, KSEA, KSFO and KSLC

Bonus Airports (staffed on rotating basis): KABQ, KEGE, KGEG, KMRY, KOAK, KRNO, KSAC, KSJC, KSMF and KYKM

It’s also possible to receive enroute VFR and IFR service to ALL of the airports within the airspace. Airports not listed above are treated as non-towered.

The Western US Expansion page has more details regarding this optional coverage area.

Coverage Map

See the map below showing PilotEdge’s total coverage area, marked with towered airports. There are approximately 2,850 public-use airports within the lateral limits of the coverage area.

Base Coverage (Green area) Western US Expansion (Yellow area)

– Class B
– Class C
– Class D

– Class B (primary) – Class B (bonus)
– Class C (primary) – Class C (bonus)
– Class D (primary) – Class D (bonus)