SimVenture - Prepare for Oshkosh using your Flight Simulator

Event Times

SimVenture Times Post-Show Webinar*
Thursday, July 11 3pm – 6pm Pacific Time (22-01 Zulu) Info Coming Soon!
Friday, July 12 1pm – 4pm Pacific Time (20-23 Zulu) Info Coming Soon!
Saturday, July 13 9am – 1pm Pacific Time (16-20 Zulu) Q&A with real Oshkosh ATC
Sunday, July 14 9am – 1pm Pacific Time (16-20 Zulu) Info Coming Soon!

*The post-show webinars will begin immediately following the event on that specific day.

What is SimVenture?

SimVenture 2024 will be held July 11-14th. SimVenture is the only way to practice flying into AirVenture ahead of time, using the actual Oshkosh procedures. As you rock your wings over Fisk, you’ll be talking to the real Oshkosh air traffic controllers who volunteer with us for SimVenture in order to prepare pilots to fly into the real show.

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How to Participate

You will need:

  1. A computer flight simulator such as MSFS2020, X-Plane 11/12, Prepar3D, or FSX. If you have a commercial-grade sim, it’s likely compatible. Contact us to verify. Redbird simulators use Prepar3D, therefore they are capable of flying for SimVenture.
  2. A headset to use with your computer flight simulator (USB headset, 3.5mm headset, or real world aviation headset adapter).
  3. An active PilotEdge subscription. SimVenture is also included with a Free Trial account.
  4. Download the required scenery, detailed in the section below.

New to flight simulators, or need some extra help getting set up? Click here.

SimVenture Notice & Scenery – Required Downloads

It’s imperative that everyone uses PilotEdge’s custom Oshkosh scenery (available for X-Plane, MSFS2020, Prepar3D and FSX). Additionally, while SimVenture’s flight procedures mirror the AirVenture procedures, PilotEdge publishes a SimVenture version of the Notice with some helpful “flightsim-isms” in order to ensure your experience is as smooth as possible.

Check back 1-2 weeks ahead of SimVenture to download the scenery and notice.

The Mission Behind the Event

Real World Pilots
Whether you have never flown to AirVenture in the past, or if you are an AirVenture veteran, the procedures to fly into Oshkosh during AirVenture week are some of the most non-standard that you’ll encounter as a VFR pilot. Since pilots typically utilize these procedures just once a year, everyone can benefit from a refresher. PilotEdge’s SimVenture provides a means for real pilots to practice their arrival and departure just 1-2 weeks before AirVenture, using their flight simulator, while becoming comfortable and familiar with the Notice procedures. This builds confidence and familiarization which contributes to a safer real flight to AirVenture.

Flight Simulator Enthusiasts
Whether you have dreamed about flying into AirVenture for years, or you are just learning about it now for the first time, PilotEdge’s SimVenture event is one of most realistic and exciting flights you will ever experience with your flight simulator. If you have always wanted to fly to Oshkosh, but have never had the opportunity, this gives you nearly the same great feeling.

Fly-to-Win Contest 2024 – Over $3,500 in Prizes

Back by popular demand, our Fly-to-Win contest will be returning with fantastic prizes. The more landings you complete during SimVenture, the more chances you have to win!
Click here to view the 2024 contest prizes and details

Actual Air Traffic Controllers Provided by NATCA

You may notice the air traffic controllers for PilotEdge’s SimVenture Oshkosh event sound very much like those who actually work the real AirVenture. That is because they are the actual controllers! PilotEdge is working closely with the National Air Traffic Controllers Association for this event. By having the actual air traffic controllers volunteer for PilotEdge’s SimVenture event, pilots are certain to have a true-to-life experience as they will hear the same fast paced ATC that has become so unique to Oshkosh.

Runway Configurations

The active runways will change periodically throughout the event in order to offer pilots a chance to practice different approach/departure procedures with each flight. While some users may wish to not know the runways until they listen to the ATIS, others may want to plan ahead in order to practice their approach to a specific runway.
Check back soon as we’ll link the scheduled active runways on a spoiler page once the times are finalized.

Further Questions?

Visit our Discord chat server or reach out to us on social media @pilotedgeatc

History of SimVenture

The first SimVenture was created by PilotEdge and hosted in July of 2020. While the initial concept was to prepare people to fly into AirVenture, the pandemic forced a pivot to more of a nostalgic approach to allow pilots to engage in an exciting aviation-related activity from the safety of their home flight simulators.

Throughout the course of the SimVenture 2020 event, there were over 1,000 arrivals into Oshkosh on the PilotEdge network. Beginning in 2021, the event took more of a training approach as pilots could use SimVenture to prepare to fly to AirVenture just a week later. 2022 and 2023 saw well over 2,000 arrivals throughout the event.

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PilotEdge’s SimVenture event, the PilotEdge SimVenture Notice and any other material provided by PilotEdge regarding SimVenture is for flight simulator purposes only. None of the material or guidance shall be used for real world flight or navigation. Refer to EAA’s official Notice when actually flying to AirVenture.