SimVenture 2020

PilotEdge is teaming with EAA and NATCA during EAA’s Spirit of Aviation Week to deliver SimVenture! This unique event provides people with the opportunity to fly into Oshkosh on their home flight simulators using X-Plane, Prepar3D or FSX.

During EAA’s Spirit of Aviation Week, real-world air traffic controllers (provided by NATCA) will be staffing Fisk Approach and Oshkosh Tower to allow pilots to fly the famous Fisk Arrival into Oshkosh complete with wing rocks, fast-paced ATC and hundreds of other aircraft; all from the comfort of your flight simulator.


As with the real AirVenture, anyone participating in the SimVenture event must download the NOTAM and be familiar with it prior to their flight. Pilots are also encouraged to have the NOTAM accessible as a reference during their flight (either printed out or on a tablet/second monitor). The NOTAM includes very important procedures that all pilots must follow as well as many diagrams and pictures to help you navigate effectively within your simulator. While the NOTAM will nearly mirror the real-world NOTAM, seasoned Oshkosh attendees must still download and review the SimVenture NOTAM as there are some important details regarding your simulator.


Here are the scheduled times of operation for SimVenture. These represent the windows where the relevant ATC facilities will be staffed:

  • July 21 (Tuesday) – 1100-1400 PDT (1800-2100 Zulu)
  • July 23 (Thursday) – 0800-1100 PDT (1500-1800 Zulu)
  • July 24 (Friday) – 1400-1700 PDT (2100-0000 Zulu)
  • July 25 (Saturday) – 1300-1700 PDT (2000-0000 Zulu)

How to Participate

If you’re not already a PilotEdge member, see the Getting Started page to get up and running with the PilotEdge service. Then, come and join in during the hours listed above to experience the Fisk Arrival and departures from Oshkosh!

Required Software

Use our softtware to connect your to the PilotEdge network. Visit our SimVenture 2020 Downloads page (login required) for more detail.

Required Free Scenery

All users must use custom scenery available on our SimVenture 2020 Downloads page (login required). This scenery will not only dress-up Oshkosh Airport, but it will also add critical landmarks along the Fisk Arrival to help you navigate effectively. Please download the scenery for your simulator and install it using the included ReadMe file, or by watching the brief installation video.

Helpful Tips

Whether you’re a seasoned pilot who has flown the real Fisk Arrival into AirVenture many times, or simply a sim enthusiast who has never traveled to Wisconsin, this event is created for nearly everyone. However, all pilots must be prepared before flying in this event by following these guidelines:

  • Read and fully understand the NOTAM
  • Be able to comfortably takeoff, fly and land your airplane in the simulator (the event is not a good time to try your simulator for the first time)
  • Be able to understand and comply with ATC instructions
  • Test the scenery to be sure you installed it properly BEFORE logging on to fly in the event. You can do this by loading up at Oshkosh before the event, without connecting to the PilotEdge network. If you see the colored dots on the runways and your simulator doesn’t give you any error messages, you can assume it is working properly.
  • Conduct a self-radio check on 123.45 prior to departure (details in the NOTAM).
  • Have an adequate frame rate to prevent you from moving slower than you should. As long as your simulator isn’t noticeable jumpy or slow, you should be okay.


What is PilotEdge?
PilotEdge is an online network which links flight simulators together in one big virtual world. Within the virtual world, air traffic controllers (real people, never automated) work on the other side of the mic providing ATC service which mirrors a real-world experience. Pilots connected to PilotEdge will hear and see other pilots while communicating with air traffic control during their flights. See our How it Works for more information.

What do I need in order to participate?
To participate in the event, you will need a flight simulator (X-Plane 11, Prepar3D or FSX), an internet connection and a computer headset. Additionally, you will need an active PilotEdge account.

What type of PilotEdge subscription do I need to participate, and how much will it cost?
PilotEdge currently offers three subscription types: ZLA, Western US, and a combination subscription which includes both. These are outlined on the Service Area page and Pricing pages. SimVenture is a special event which takes place outside of our normal coverage area. As such, pilots are welcome to participate with any type of subscription. The PilotEdge service includes a free trial period which includes 5 hours of connection time. After that, if your payment information has been provided and you have not scheduled the cancellation of your trial, the subscription will continue as a paid membership and you’ll be charged at that time based on the type of subscription (ZLA only, WUS only or a combo subscription).

How many times can I fly the Fisk Arrival?
Pilots may fly the Fisk Arrival as many times as they’d like during the published event times. However, pilots must fly full flights and are not allowed to begin their flight airborne. Pilots may depart from any airport (including OSH) and follow the NOTAM to join the Fisk Arrival over Green Lake.

Will this be exactly like the real Fisk Arrival into Oshkosh?
We have worked very hard to mirror this event to the actual AirVenture. Not only will this provide a realistic simulation, but pilots can use this event to familiarize themselves with the OSH arrival procedures if they intend on making the real-world flight for future AirVentures. While the majority of SimVenture’s procedures are derived from the actual AirVenture NOTAM, there are a few procedures specific to our simulated event. These differences will all be listed in the NOTAM.

Which aircraft am I allowed to fly?
Limitations of flight simulators across multiple platforms make it so we can only offer a handful of common aircraft which pilots are allowed to fly during this event. This is mainly because ATC will need to see you (visually) in their simulators. Please see the NOTAM for available aircraft and how to define which paint job you will display as to others.

How can I link my iPad/ForeFlight up to my Simulator?
There is a detailed YouTube video on this topic HERE

Further Questions?

Visit our Discord chat server or reach out to us on social media @pilotedgeatc.