News: Wyoming Receives 2 New Airports for Western US Service Area

Posted Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Western US coverage area now includes Casper (KCPR), and Jackson Hole (KJAC) airports. This brings the number of towered airports within the Western US coverage area to 38.

Jackson Hole is surrounded by mountains and has two graphical obstacle departure procedures, RNP approaches, an ILS with a Fly Visual segment and a VOR/DME approach with an arc segment providing a wealth of interesting training scenarios.

Casper is no slouch with an ILS approach containing two separate DME arcs (27 and 29 miles), and a pilot nav SID with holding for slower climbing aircraft.

This is the eighth of nine planned expansions towards the Western US V2 Road Map that will ultimately contain all the Class Bravo, Class Charlie and strategically-selected Class D airports within the Western US coverage area.