News: Western US Standalone Option and Roadmap

Posted Friday, July 7, 2017

PilotEdge is pleased to announce the immediate availability of standalone Western US coverage area subscription options and a new expansion road map.

The standalone option removes the requirement for Western US customers to maintain a subscription to the Los Angeles ARTCC (ZLA). This allows pilots to enjoy the massive Western US coverage area at a lower monthly or annual cost.

The Western US coverage area will continue to have airports added over the coming months with plans for just over 40 towered airports, including all of the Class Bravo and Charlie airports within the lateral limits of the airspace as well as a significant number of strategically chosen Class D airports.

A full list of the planned airports is available in the Western US v2.0 Roadmap.

Pricing for a standalone Western US subscription is the same as a ZLA-only subscription. Customers can select a new billing plan via the Account Center. The 2 week free trial for new users includes access to ZLA and Western US coverage areas.