Pilot Training Workshop: Instrument approaches (part 3)

With a introduction to the fundamentals of precision and non-precision instrument approaches behind us, we’re going to do a rapid fire analysis of a relatively large number of randomly select precision and non-precision approaches within the PilotEdge service area.

Users are encouraged to select a few at random, prior to the workshop and then submit them via the conferencing system in real time and we’ll look through them. Let’s see if we agree on how each approach would be flown in full, or with vectors to final.

Don’t forget to brief the missed approach! This should be a fun experience and will move a little faster as we won’t be covering many new concepts. The goal is to help the participants become comfortable with looking at an approach for the first time to quickly and efficiently determine how they would fly it.

After all, there will be times on a real world flight where you might need to fly an approach that you hadn’t planned in advance, so the ability to brief it in the airplane from scratch is important.