Pilot Training Workshop: IFR - Enroute Procedures and Decoding Enroute Charts

With our IFR flight underway, there’s myriad things that can result in a change of plan. Why did they give us a clearance that took the better part of a week to copy down, only to give us a shortcut as soon as we got in the air? We’ll review the low and high enroute structure, how RNAV turns the tables, and why, “no sir, I can’t give you direct destination…assuming you’d like to live.”

We’re going to go through MEA’s, MCA’s, MRA’s, lots of other 3 letter acronyms ending in ‘A’, climb gradients, and a full range of options that are available to you as an IFR pilot to make your life easier and safer in the enroute environment.

Here’s a recording of the workshop: