Pilot Training Workshop: IFR - Departures Demystified

“Cessna 123AB, is there a truly spectacular reason why you’re still flying runway heading?”


It’s a sinking feeling when you realize your plan of action bears no resemblance to what ATC was expecting you to do, isn’t it? After a brief introduction to the big picture of IFR flying, we’re going to dive into each phase of flight (departure, enroute and arrival) through a series of workshops, leaving no stone unturned.

This first workshop will focus exclusively on the methods that exist to hurl an airplane into the air in the world of IFR and get it into the enroute structure and on its way:

  • diverse departure
  • departure procedure (SIDs & ODPs)
  • ATC departure instructions
  • VFR departure

The Aeronautical Information Manual has some excellent information about Departure Procedures in Section 5-2-8