Pilot Training Workshop: DME arcs from the Cockpit

Welcome back! With it nearly being 2 years since the last workshop, it’s time to dust off the equipment and start doing some cockpit broadcasts. After the release of the Real World IFR series, numerous people wrote in to ask about examples of flying DME arcs.

So, we’re going to fire up the sim and practice flying DME arcs using RMI as well as a traditional CDI on a VOR receiver (twist 5, turn 5!). We’ll crank up the winds and see how a constantly changing crosswind starts to make the process even more interesting.

We’ll kick off with some random arcs while under VFR, then we’ll bring in some weather and shoot an approach involving an arc.

Part 1:

Part 2 (this was filmed spontaneously several weeks after the live workshop, demonstrating the use of RMI to assist in flying the arc):