Pilot Training Workshop: Arrivals: Mastering STARs

“United 321, Descend via the RIIVR2 arrival, then cleared ILS RWY 25L approach.”


“United 321, did you receive the last transmission?”

“yes, we just need you to repeat everything after ‘United 321.’”

Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen to you! We’ll be looking closely at the KEPEC (RNAV) and CLARR arrivals for Las Vegas (KLAS) as well as the RIIVR arrival for KLAX.

Correction: there is a portion of the video which says that in the case of lost communications, pilots should comply with the ‘expect to cross’ instructions on the STAR. Instead, you should only comply with those if the controller has verbally issued instructions to expect those altitudes in a further clearance. Otherwise, only the mandatory altitudes become binding, such as those on the profile, or the Minimum Enroute Altitudes.