Remote Coaching

How it Works

Remote coaching is available to active PilotEdge subscribers who are seeking one on one assistance from a highly qualified instructor. Pick from a number of fixed-price courses or have us develop a custom program specifically for your needs. You’ll be using Skype to interact with your coach and share your screen so he/she will be able to follow your every move. Your coach will also be sharing his/her screen to present the briefing material prior to the flight.

Billing is handled through the same system that is used for your PilotEdge subscription. Simply send us an email with any questions or to inform us which package you’d like to purchase and we’ll work with you promptly to get your first lesson scheduled. Payments for the pre-packaged courses are made in advance. Payments for custom courses are made at the end of each session.

Course List

Ready to get started? Check out the Remote Coaching Course List.

Instructor Bio

As you might expect, Peter Grey has extensive experience as a pilot and flight instructor including over 2000 hours instructing pilots in aircraft and assorted levels of flight training devices. What will surprise you, though, is his uncanny mastery of Federal Aviation Regulations and how they apply to real world situations.

Peter is a multi-engine ATP with type ratings in the CL-65 series of aircraft. He also holds commercial and instrument privileges in single engine airplanes, seaplanes, as well as a commercial glider rating. As a pilot, Peter has won 4 National Intercollegiate Flying Association National Championships for pilot skills and was the head coach of the 2012 National Intercollegiate Flying Association National Champion Flight Team.

Peter is a also a gold seal CFI, CFII, MEI, and has ground instructor and aircraft dispatcher certificates. As an instructor He has experience in primary instruction, instrument instruction, and advanced instruction. He has endorsed over 150 students for ground and flight tests and has experience as a part 141 check instructor, conducting end of course tests for all levels of training.