Remote Coaching

How it Works

Remote coaching is available to active PilotEdge subscribers who are seeking one on one assistance from a highly qualified instructor. Pick from a number of fixed-price courses or have us develop a custom program specifically for your needs. You’ll be using Skype to interact with your coach and share your screen so he/she will be able to follow your every move. Your coach will also be sharing his/her screen to present the briefing material prior to the flight.

Billing is handled through the same system that is used for your PilotEdge subscription. Simply send us an email with any questions or to inform us which package you’d like to purchase and we’ll work with you promptly to get your first lesson scheduled. Payments for the pre-packaged courses are made in advance. Payments for custom courses are made at the end of each session.

Course List

Ready to get started? Check out the Remote Coaching Course List.

Instructor Bio – Ryan Koch

Between a steady diet of Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.1 and rides in his uncle’s Piper Arrow, Ryan was hooked on aviation from the age of nine. He attended St. Cloud State University in Minnesota for a four year degree in professional flight. He worked there as a CFII teaching a wide range students in a variety of aircraft and simulators, from primary students through instrument and commercial pilot training.

Ryan left the field of aviation briefly as a result of medical issues, but maintained proficiency and knowledge through the use of simulation. Partnering with a flight school in Wisconsin on the purchase of a TouchTrainer simulator, he primarily works with instrument students as well as helping instrument-rated pilots to maintain currency and proficiency. Ryan also runs ATC communications courses for VFR and IFR.

When approached about the opportunity to be involved in our remote coaching program, Ryan said, “Modern simulators, including inexpensive home desktop setups, have incredible potential which isn’t realized often enough in the formal training environment. My goal is to help change that.”

Ryan holds a commercial pilot certificate with single and multi-engine ratings, a flight instructor certificate with an instrument rating, and a tailwheel endorsement.