Remote Coaching

How it Works

Remote coaching is available to active PilotEdge subscribers who are seeking one on one assistance from a highly qualified instructor. Pick from a number of fixed-price courses or have us develop a custom program specifically for your needs. You’ll be using Skype to interact with your coach and share your screen so he/she will be able to follow your every move. Your coach will also be sharing his/her screen to present the briefing material prior to the flight.

Billing is handled through the same system that is used for your PilotEdge subscription. Simply send us an email with any questions or to inform us which package you’d like to purchase and we’ll work with you promptly to get your first lesson scheduled. Payments for the pre-packaged courses are made in advance. Payments for custom courses are made at the end of each session.

Course List

Ready to get started? Check out the Remote Coaching Course List.

Instructor Bio – Ray Salmon

Ray started flying Microsoft Flight Simulator with version 2 around the age of 7 years old and has owned and flown every version since, now along with X-Plane 11. Spending his teenage years at boarding school listening to his air-band radio underneath the approach path to London’s Heathrow airport, Ray went on to earn his PPL in the UK followed by Multiengine, Instrument and Commercial before moving to the US to college in 1998. During college, he obtained his FAA Commercial, Instrument and Multi-Engine ratings followed by his CFI/CFII/MEI and was a flight instructor and contract pilot before moving to a US regional airline in 2004 to start his airline career.

Furthering his interest in flight instruction, Ray became a simulator instructor, check airman and examiner in his years at the regional airline before moving to his current employer, a US low cost carrier, flying the Airbus A320 series. Ray currently holds an ATP with multiple type ratings and several thousands of hours of flying and instructional experience. Ray started his online air traffic controlling career with SATCO (predecessor to VATSIM) in the late 90s and learned about PilotEdge in 2013 through a fellow VATSIM controller.

He has been with PilotEdge since 2014 as a controller and has a passion for flight instruction and simulation and looks forward to using PilotEdge’s unparalleled online environment to help you achieve your aviation goals!

Instructor Bio – Scott Medeiros

Scott began his flying career by taking flight lessons at a small airport underlying the Class B shelf of Charlotte Douglas Intl. This was a fitting location since he grew up looking skyward, watching the arrivals fly overhead. Being captivated with aviation from an early age, Scott began flying on Microsoft Flight Simulator, and continues to use the platform to stay current with general aviation flying.

He attended college at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautical Science, and a minor in Business Administration. While in school, Scott taught various types of students as a CFI/CFII and ground instructor.

Shortly after graduation, he began his airline pilot career flying all variations of the CRJ for a large regional airline, and taught Cockpit Resource Management to pilots and flight attendants. After leaving the regionals, Scott flew the Airbus for a low cost carrier, and is currently employed at a legacy US Airline, where he flies the A319/A320/A321.

Scott currently holds an ATP with multiple type ratings, CFI/CFII, Advanced Ground Instructor and Instrument Ground Instructor certificates, and has thousands of hours of flying experience.

He is passionate about aviation, flight simulation, and believes the combination of high quality simulation, scenario based training, and the realistic online environment provided by PilotEdge offers pilot training opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else.