News: Webinar: Virtual TRACON tour

Posted Friday, October 26, 2012

PilotEdge will be offering a behind-the-scenes virtual tour of its TRACON and enroute facilities this evening, Oct 26 at 5pm PDT (8pm EDT, Sat 0000z).

The tour is open to PilotEdge members, trial members, and the general public.

The presentation will be take place on the DigitalThemePark TeamSpeak3 server ( Participants will need to download and install the TeamSpeak3 client.

Once the TS3 client is installed, participants should join the DTP TS3 server where a staff member will great them, verify voice operation, and escort the participant to the appropriate channel for the tour.

A URL will be posted in the channel to allow participants to see the TRACON/enroute scope in real time.

Topics will include:

  • brief overview of the various roles played by ATC in the National Airspace System
  • RADAR scope orientation and brief airspace review
  • observation of live traffic
  • Question & Answer session

This marks the first of a series of PilotEdge workshops that will be hosted at DigitalThemePark. Future workshops will cover topics such as:

  • software installation/configuration,
  • VFR/IFR ATC communications
  • VFR/IFR flight planning
  • Detailed reviews of the flights in the PilotEdge Training Program