News: ProFlight Level 6 FTD working with PilotEdge

Posted Tuesday, April 2, 2013

PilotEdge is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with ProFlight, a leading Cessna Citation & Conquest flight training provider. ProFlight’s new Level 6 Flight Training Device (FTD), built by Opinicus Corporation, is the first Level 6 certified FTD shipped from the factory floor with PilotEdge service ready for immediate use, marking a new breakthrough for this level of commercial flight training – tightly-integrated internet-based ATC and live traffic.

“Since ProFlight’s inception in 1988, we have been on the cutting edge of innovation and technology,” said Caleb Taylor, ProFlight’s Founder, “We constantly strive to improve the customer experience and produce the safest, most well trained pilots possible, utilizing the latest that technology has to offer. We have recently produced a new level of pilot training unparalleled in the industry. Utilizing cutting edge simulation technology paired with PilotEdge for ATC and traffic, we have produced a training environment so real, that students learn from their experiences and mistakes through unlimited practice on their own. This boosts confidence and allows perfecting maneuvers which optimizes the time spent in the Level D FFS devices. Our vision for this new technology would not have been possible without the PilotEdge ATC system. The ability to expose our students to unlimited practice in a real ATC environment is the icing on the cake of our new programs. You’ve got to see it and use it to believe it.”

ProFlight, located in Carlsbad, California, and the rest of the blurb goes here…

PilotEdge ( provides real ATC and traffic for a range of flight simulation platforms. The ATC is provided in real time by real people using VoIP and custom radar displays that closely emulate the displays found in real world ATC facilities. Service is available for commercial facilities such as training centers, flight schools, and University aviation programs as well as private use at home.

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