News: PilotEdge presents at Royal Aeronautical Society's conference

Posted Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Royal Aeronautical Society held a conference in London on Nov 12-13 on The Future of Flight Training Devices. Dr Mark Cioffi, PilotEdge VP Commercial Operations, delivered a presentation on Outsourcing ATC, Traffic and Scenario Management. The presentation outlined the need for a Simulated ATC Environment (SATCE) when operating flight training devices. It also described the conventional approaches to providing a SATCE along with the myriad issues associated with each approach.

A video demonstration of PilotEdge was then shown, describing how a system such as PilotEdge can provide a high fidelity SATCE.

PilotEdge presentation (Google Slides, includes 12 minute simulation demonstration)
Conference Program (PDF)