News: PilotEdge adds web-based filing

Posted Saturday, January 5, 2013

PilotEdge is pleased to announce the immediate availability of its web-based flight plan filing capability.

Up until now, pilots have only been able to submit flight plans directly via the PilotEdge software. This can be inconvenient for pilots using commercial training devices where the main console is not immediately reachable.

Web-based filing allows pilots to use any internet-connected device to file their flight plan with PilotEdge, whether they’re connected to PilotEdge at the time or not. Offline flight plans are stored for up to 2 hours before they expire.

Additionally, PEaware has been modified to allow users to copy a flight plan from PEaware to the flight plan filing form. This allows them review any flight that has taken place on the network and re-file the same flight plan, even if the flight was conducted by another pilot.