News: New Colorado Alphabet Challenge Available

Posted Monday, April 26, 2021

PilotEdge is pleased to announce the release of the Colorado State Alphabet Challenge. These flights take pilots all around the beautiful state of Colorado during a 35 leg trip including stops at some of the state’s most beautiful and tricky airports.

The Alphabet Challenge began as a forum post from a PilotEdge customer several years ago. With the help of his site,, the challenge caught on with hundreds of members setting out to fly the various legs.

This challenge takes pilots from airports associated with the letter A sequentially through airports which identifiers begin with the number 9. The Alphabet Challenge is unique as it gives pilots freedom when flying the itinerary in contrast to the CAT Ratings and I-Ratings which both have very specific procedures or methods of getting from point A to B.

PilotEdge has formalized the Alphabet Challenge by integrating it into the main website. Pilots will continue to use to log their flights, but our Alphabet Challenge page will serve as an introduction to the challenge as well as an easy way to navigate from the PilotEdge website to a specific challenge.