Taking the 'CAT' and ' I'Tests

Ready to take a CAT or I Rating? Here’s what to do:

  • Locate your aircraft at the prescribed location
  • Connect to PilotEdge when ATC is available (exception: CAT-1 can be flown any time since it doesn’t require ATC)
  • Advise the controller that you wish to take the CAT-xx or I-xx test (exception: the CAT-1 doesn’t involve any ATC communication)
  • Complete the flight as described in the rating. Once the controller advises that he/she can administer your test, you should complete the flight as you would any other, filing a flight plan if appropriate, and making all necessary radio calls.
  • The controller will issue a passing or non-passing grade by the end of the flight, if not before. If you do not receive a result prior to disconnecting, be sure to query the controller to determine the result of the tests.
  • Passing grades will be posted immediately on the roster.

Note: Do NOT make any references to the test as a proxy for normal radio calls. For example, do not call ground with “ready to taxi for the CAT-6.” Also, do not assume that the controller is aware of your intention to receive flight following, or somehow knows your direction of flight simply because you are undertaking the rating. If you treat the Air Traffic Controller and the examiner as two different people (even if they are actually the same person in reality), that should clarify the issue and remind you that ATC needs to know your intentions, just like any other flight.

Good luck and enjoy the program!